10 Tips Before Your First Float

Float Tips ,

  1. Pay Attention Everyone has been on that boring tour of the college, museum or city.  You pay attention for the first 30 seconds then your mind just starts to wander and you instantly can’t wait for the tour to be over.  However, there is always that one person, often your mother, who nods their head at everything the tour guide says and even asks questions.  Be that person.  After the employee of the float location closes the door your experience begins.   You do not want that interrupted with the need to ask a question.  Pay attention and if anything is not clear be sure to ask.


  1. No Cuts – Spoiler alert, if you have never swam in the ocean with an open wound, it stings. You will be floating in salt water and if you have any major cuts on your body you might want to bandage them up or delay the float. Minor cuts or scrapes really are not that bad, but if you are on the fence about anything the last thing you want is to be distracted with pain while attempting to enter a meditative state.


  1. Move Slowly – Entering the tank at a snail’s pace will make everything easier. You do not want to get salt water in your eyes and don’t want to make it difficult to get settled.  If you do get salt water in your eyes don’t try to rub your eyes with your hand, you will probably just make it worse.  Most facilities have water nearby that you can use to rinse away the salt water.


  1. Prep Your Body – You will probably be floating for a least one hour so don’t forget to go to the bathroom before entering. Make sure you won’t get hungry or thirsty during that hour.  It’s ok to bring a bottle of water with you if it’s something you think you might need.


  1. Wear Your Birthday Suit – Floating naked might seem awkward at first, but it will heighten the experience to be freed from any outside restrictions. You will take a shower before the float to get clean and after the float to remove all the salt.


  1. Neck Pillows – Often the neck muscles are the hardest to relax during a float session and some facilities offer a neck pillow. Consider using this if you are experiencing any discomfort in your neck.  Some people like to start with the neck pillow and then put it aside after getting settled.


  1. You Will Float – If the actual floating part is a concern of yours do not worry, it will be easier than you think. The salt water will turn you into a fishing bobber.   When your float ends it might even feel a little weird walking again in a world with gravity.


  1. Don’t Force It – If you don’t have a trippy transcendental experience right away or at any point during the float don’t get frustrated and don’t try to make it happen. Often this type of reaction doesn’t happen during the first float, and it can be over exaggerated.  The key is to relax and let your mind wander.


  1. Go Natural – This is not a repeat from #5, this is about taking any drugs beforehand. To anyone who enjoys the occasional recreational use, a floattank environment seems like a blast.  This may be true, but take caution your first go.  Get comfortable with the process before pushing the limits.


  1. Finish It – There may be moments of boredom wondering when this hour is going to end, or even moments where you start to go a little crazy and feel like you need to get out. Fight through these moments.  It will be worth it.

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