About Us

Our Story

How did any of us start floating?  A random article?  A conversation at a party with a friend?  Walking past a float location and getting curious?  At FloatTanks.net our story is the same as yours, and we too were hooked after our first float.  Our love for floating has evolved to the point were we want to spread the message to as many people as possible in hopes of continued growth and new locations.

Our Mission

The main goal at FloatTanks is to equip people with resources that enable more floating. FloatTanks quickly uncovers the location of float facilities, and how much a float cost, so decisions can be made quickly and more floating can be had by all.

How We Do It

FloatTank’s data is derived from a variety of sources including strategic partnerships, publicly available data and countless phone calls.

Get Involved

As our site continues to evolve we encourage feedback from people and partners on how to better assist your needs.


Do you have a float location that is not listed? Is a practice listed with incorrect information? Do you want to bolster your practice’s presence on FloatTanks? Please let us know.