Self Deprivation Tanks on Netflix’s Stranger Things Floating News

There is no such thing as bad publicity. Sure, Stranger Things made self derivations tanks seem a bit scary.  But they also looked pretty cool, and probably triggered a lot Google searches that resembled: “What is a Self Deprivation Tank?” In fact, if you look at Google Trends for Isolation Tanks there is a big… continue reading »

How much salt goes into a isolation tank? FAQ

If you are thinking of buying Epsom salt to add to your bathtub so that you can have your own floating experience at home be ready to be disappointed.  Yes, you could technically add salt to your bathtub but the amount of salt needed to make a noticeable difference in your ability to float is… continue reading »

How Often Are Float Tanks Cleaned? FAQ , ,

To achieve and maximize the desired outcome of an isolation tank you must reach a level of comfort, both physically and mentally.  This can be perfected with practice, but knowing there are certain checks and balances in place can both prevent and alleviate some mental discomforts.  Simply thinking about sharing a bath tub with a handful of other… continue reading »

10 Tips Before Your First Float Float Tips ,

Pay Attention – Everyone has been on that boring tour of the college, museum or city.  You pay attention for the first 30 seconds then your mind just starts to wander and you instantly can’t wait for the tour to be over.  However, there is always that one person, often your mother, who nods their… continue reading »