How much salt goes into a isolation tank?


If you are thinking of buying Epsom salt to add to your bathtub so that you can have your own floating experience at home be ready to be disappointed.  Yes, you could technically add salt to your bathtub but the amount of salt needed to make a noticeable difference in your ability to float is probably more salt than you would guess.

On average a single float tanks contains between 800 lbs and 1400 lbs of Epsom salt.  Yes, you read that correct, POUNDS.  A few small bags of Epson salt at the store is not going to do much to make your at home floating experience and different thank a soak with simple bath salts.

What does that much salt look like?  Below are two videos to help you visualize.  The first video shows 1400 pounds of salt dumped out into a tank, the second video shows 900 pounds worth of salt in bags.

1400 pounds of salt in a isolation tank:

900 pounds of salt in bags:

Please don’t let this stop you from looking into building your own home tank.  The great thing about adding salt to isolation tanks is that it kills basically all bacteria in the tank allowing you to get up to 1000 floats on one salt dump before you need to do much cleaning (depending on your setup).


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